Traditional Chinese Medicine-TCM


[Efficacy] : Qingrejiedu, Runfei cough [Treatment] : It is mainly suitable for common type and
severe COVID-19
The treatment of patients.


[Efficacy] : Detoxify dampness, clear heat and relieve asthma
[Chief Treatment] : It is mainly suitable for light, common and severe diseases The treatment of patients.


[Efficacy] : Qingfei detoxification, Xuan dispersed lung evil
[Indications] : COVID-19 mild, common, biotype, and ordinary Colds and flu sufferers.

LIANHUA QINGWEN Capsules help relieving main COVID-19 Symptoms

Academician Nanshan Zhong specially introduced the effectiveness of Lianhua Qingwen in the treatment of COVID-19 at the China-Europe Anti-epidemic Exchange Meeting. He said the recovery rate of 284 patients treated with Lianhua Qingwen reached 91.5 percent.

Combined with the clinical observation of doctors in many places, this formula is suitable for light, ordinary and severe patients, and can be used reasonably in the treatment of critically ill patients according to the actual situation of patients.

ZhongJing Zhang——China medical sage on traditional medicine

“…Absolutely he’s one of the most influential masterminds in the history of Chinese medicine. Meanwhile His masterpieces a classic work necessary for post-scholars to study Chinese medicine. It is widely valued by medical students and clinical doctors.”

What makes us different?


Yes. Currently, there is no specific drug for the COVID-19. According to the experience of thousands of doctors and patients in China. Especially for mild and ordinary patients. Thus TCM is indeed safe and effective. Many Chinese patients have recovered after taking TCM.


Traditional Chinese medicine has been in the forefront of disease prevention and control in the history of China. And the academic thinking of “preventive treatment” of Chinese medicine. Which is fully in line with the main purpose of disease prevention and control.


In view of the important role played by TCM in this epidemic and the good clinical evidence obtained. Therefore The China National Medical Products Administration has approved the treatment of COVID-19 into the new drug indications of “TCM”.