Harris will visit the US-Mexico border for the first time, Trump: Go and see the damage you have caused

Harris visits the US-Mexico border. US Vice President Harris will visit the US-Mexico border on June 25. This will be the first time she has traveled to the border since she took office. Prior to this, former US President Trump announced that he would go to the border on June 30. Trump said that Harris’s trip was promoted by him and called out the Biden administration, “Let’s see the damage you have caused. “.

According to Al Jazeera’s news on the 23rd, Harris’ spokesperson, Simon Sanders said in a statement that the vice president will travel to Texas with the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Rojokas on June 25. El Paso visit.

Previously, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) visited a detention center for underage cross-border persons in El Paso and found that in addition to the poor sanitary environment, which caused the lice and the new crown epidemic, there were also sexual abuses. The situation is concerned.

Harris visits the US-Mexico border

Since a large-scale immigration wave on the US-Mexico border at the beginning of this year triggered a border immigration “crisis”, the Biden administration has faced pressure from all sides to solve the problem of the surge in the number of illegal immigrants as soon as possible. It is reported that in May alone, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained more than 180,000 illegal cross-border persons. This is a slight increase over the previous two months and is the highest single-month data since 2000.

In fact, all walks of life in the United States are full of dissatisfaction and criticism as to why Harris has not made it to the border so far. According to BBC news, when asked whether Harris had succumbed to political pressure before deciding to visit the border, the White House responded that it was “the right time for her (Harris) to go to the border and help control the situation”.

Former U.S. President Trump attributed Harris’ trip to himself, saying, “After months of neglect of the crisis on the southern border, we (Republicans) finally asked Harris to see what they caused. The huge destruction and death of the country-this (the border crisis) is the direct result of Biden’s end of my difficult but fair border policy.”

Trump declared in a statement that after Harris and Biden took over the strongest border in U.S. history from the Trump administration, they turned it into “the worst border in U.S. history.” If I did not decide to go there (the US-Mexico border), she (Harris) would not go.”

According to BBC news, earlier in June, Harris also visited Mexico and Guatemala for the first time as a vice president to discuss the humanitarian crisis. The presidents of the two countries have stated that it was the border policies of the Biden administration that led to a record surge in the number of illegal immigrants. In this regard, the White House stated that the increase in the number of cross-border people was caused by natural disasters, epidemics, and long-term poverty, violence, and corruption in the past year.

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