The role of traditional Chinese medicine in fighting the epidemic

“People’s Hero” Zhang Boli: The role of traditional Chinese medicine in the fight against the epidemic. It has been seen by people across the country.

China Youth Daily Client Hangzhou, August 30 (China Youth Daily · China Youth Daily reporter Li Jianping). “The role of Chinese medicine in this fight against the epidemic has been seen by the people of the whole country.” Today, the “people’s hero” country Honorary winner. And academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Boli shared his thoughts on participating. Which is in Wuhan’s fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020. Life and Health Future Summit and the opening of China (Hangzhou) Digital Health Town.

Academician Zhang Boli shared his thoughts on fighting the epidemic at the 2020 Life and Health Future Summit. China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Li Jianping/photo

“This time we fight against the epidemic, there is no special medicine or vaccine. But we have an effective Chinese medicine plan. Early intervention of Chinese medicine, full participation in the whole process. And has played a role in all stages.” Academician Zhang Boli said.

Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine is very important.

According to Academician Zhang Boli, he discovered in Wuhan that Chinese medicine treatment can shorten the duration of fever and relieve symptoms such as coughing. However, “I think these indicators are not enough to explain the efficacy of Chinese medicine and prevent mild patients from turning into severe ones. This may be a core indicator.”

“There is no death without severe illness, and the cost of a severely ill patient is dozens of times different from that of a mildly ill patient.” Based on these studies, Academician Zhang Boli reported to the World Health Organization and asked him to propose “not turning mild to severe” as the core. The idea of ​​the indicator was discussed with the University of Liverpool, and finally, this indicator idea was accepted by the World Health Organization.

The role of traditional Chinese medicine

Zhang Boli said: “Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years of development. It has played an extremely important role in the prosperity of the Chinese nation and the maintenance of national health. It has only been more than 100 years since Western medicine entered China. Although traditional Chinese medicine is ancient, its philosophy is not backward, for example, The harmony between man and nature, precision medicine, and system science is now fashionable. They are called the unity of nature and man, syndrome differentiation and holistic concepts in Chinese medicine, which were put forward thousands of years ago.”

The role of traditional Chinese medicine in the fight against the epidemic has been seen by people across the country.

However, Academician Zhang Boli believes that the knowledge content of Chinese medicine belongs to traditional medicine, and some of it originated thousands of years ago. Although we have developed in all dynasties, it is too poorly integrated with modern science, and its modern scientific connotation needs to be revealed. my country has started the modern and technological work of Chinese medicine in 1996, and Academician Zhang Boli has been the leader of this expert group ever since. At present, the output value of traditional Chinese medicine across the country has reached trillions, but the manufacturing level is only electronic and mechanized. Academician Zhang Boli hopes to have more talents in information science, precision manufacturing, and big data to pay attention to and explore the digitalization of Chinese medicine. The development of pharmaceuticals and smart pharmaceuticals.

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