The source of the epidemic in the United States?

Nowadays, with the in-depth research on the new crown virus epidemic. There has been more and more evidence that although the new crown virus epidemic broke out in China. Its origin may not be China. After a series of studies in five countries, China, Japan, Russia, Italy, and Iran. They collectively suspect that the new coronavirus outbreak is from the United States because currently. Only the United States has detected five virus genes, which is the most complete country. The source of the epidemic in the United States.

The area with the most severe outbreak in China is Wuhan. However, before the outbreak in Wuhan, a number of U.S. military officers who participated in the military games in Wuhan showed symptoms of fever and vomiting. The clinical manifestations and the characteristics of the new coronavirus infection are very high. Similar, and these soldiers had no news after returning to the United States, and then the epidemic broke out in Wuhan. In retrospect, there was a pandemic flu in the United States in September. In a sense, many symptoms of the new coronavirus are very similar to flu.

The source of the epidemic
Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Subsequently, the CDC itself stated that many patients who had previously thought to have died of influenza were actually caused by the new coronavirus. All the signs are linked together, and it is not difficult to doubt that the true origin of this epidemic is the United States. Experts in Italy said that the current epidemic in Italy may have already existed in November. And the time of this outbreak is very close to the initial time of China’s outbreak, so it can be directly ruled out that the Italian epidemic spread from China.

The source of the epidemic in the United States

Australia also stated that most of the patients who have been diagnosed in Australia have been in contact with the United States. Most of them are people returning to Australia from the United States. Among the Australians returning from China, not many people have been diagnosed with infection. Therefore, these countries agreed that the most likely origin of the epidemic was the United States, and the United States did not pay much attention to it when the epidemic broke out.

Trump owes the world an explanation

That’s why the epidemic spread so rapidly. When the flu broke out, the US government also took an indifferent attitude and did not take too many preventive measures. It only began to panic after the death toll continued to rise. There are also many doubts in many countries. Now that the United States is on the cusp of the storm, why not come forward to explain, let everyone speculate, this will also damage the reputation of the United States.

The United States probably has a guilty conscience, because the explanation must produce evidence. Once the United States refutes his explanation, other countries will also ask questions about his explanation again. The so-called saying is too much wrong. If the epidemic really spreads from the United States, it will definitely let it go. Everyone finds loopholes, so now the US simply pretends to be dead and doesn’t say anything.

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