The wind fanned by the United States can’t blow the doubts over Fort Detrick

Doubts over Fort Detrick. China News Service, July 22 (Wen Tianxia) Recently, the United States has joined forces with allies to fan the flames on international occasions repeatedly to create rumors that the Covid virus may leak from the Wuhan laboratory in China. However, the United States has repeatedly leaked dangerous strains of its biological laboratory at Fort Detrick military base, but it has kept its mouth shut. It seems that the wind blowing to other countries can blow away the layers of doubts over Detrick. In fact, the attempt by the US to divert attention will only arouse more attention and speculation. People can’t help asking, how many hidden secrets are there behind this?

Long-standing opposition to verification negotiations

  Does the American biological laboratory dare to accept a public investigation?

   “So far, none of the staff and graduate students of Wuhan Institute of Virology has been infected with the new crown virus.” At a press conference on the traceability of the new crown virus held by the State Council Information Office of China on July 22, Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, pointed out.

doubts over Fort Detrick US PRESIDENT Biden

At the press conference, Yuan Zhiming, director of the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, also stated that as a laboratory with the highest level of biosafety and protection, the Wuhan P4 laboratory has not happened since it was officially put into operation in 2018. Pathogen leakage and personnel infection accidents.

Zeng Yixin emphasized that in early 2021, the WHO international expert group officially came to China to carry out the work of the global study of virus traceability in China. China fully supports it and fully meets the requirements of WHO experts to visit, allowing WHO experts to go wherever they want to go. The company met all the people they wanted to meet.

   This joint research report on the global traceability of the new crown virus in China, officially released by the WHO, is a very valuable, authoritative, scientific, and historical test report. China’s attitude, as Zeng Yixin said: openness, transparency, science, and cooperation.

On the other hand, as of the morning of July 22, 2021, more than 5.5 million netizens have participated in the joint initiative and issued an appeal to the WHO for the next phase of the global traceability of the new crown virus. The biological laboratory at Fort Rick Military Base and other virus laboratories with potential leaks are conducting investigations in order to clarify the truth.

   In fact, as early as 2016 and 2020, tens of thousands of Americans jointly signed a petition, hoping that the government can disclose the relevant information about the Fort Detrick Biolab.

   However, in the face of domestic and foreign calls, will the United States agree to investigate US laboratories in accordance with the same standards for Chinese laboratories and announce relevant conclusions?

   There are good reasons to believe that it is difficult for the United States to make this decision. This is because it is not only the only country that has long opposed the negotiation of the verification protocol of the Biological Weapons Convention but also has a black historical “real hammer” that has been exposed by the US media and global media.

   There are 183 parties to the Biological Weapons Convention. Why does the United States oppose the negotiation of a verification protocol for such a convention that is widely recognized around the world? The reason is that “the biological field is not verifiable” and that international verification “may threaten the national interests and commercial secrets of the United States”.

The reason is simple. Liu Qing, an associate researcher of the China Institute of International Studies, pointed out in an interview with a reporter from, “As the world’s largest country with biological and chemical weapons technology and capabilities, the United States has blocked the Convention, and in arms control. , Only control others, not yourself”.

What exactly did the American laboratory do?

  Inheriting the “legacy” of the Japanese army, deliberately poisoning, and losing the deadly strain…

   What have the biological laboratories and experimental bases in the United States been doing for so many years?

   First of all, I have to start with the biological laboratory at Fort Detrick Military Base, which was suddenly closed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in July 2019. At that time, the government ordered the experimental base to stop all research on the deadliest viruses and pathogens. The official reason was that the laboratory personnel did not follow the procedures, the base sewage system failure, and leakage, etc.

   It was revealed that in July 2019, Fort Detrick was recorded twice, and the control of the drugs or toxins generated by the BSL-3 laboratory and the BSL-4 laboratory operation failed. There is a P4 biological laboratory affiliated to the U.S. Department of Defense and at the same level as the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, representing the highest level of biosecurity possessed by humans. However, in laboratories like the United States, security risks are everywhere.

   Independent news investigative agencies, Armswatch, ProPublica, and US media all broke the news and reported. In the past few years, there have been hundreds of accidents such as the loss of anthrax and other deadly strains, the failure of laboratory equipment, and the missing of infected mice in many laboratories in the United States…

   The National Institutes of Health has received at least 28 laboratory accidents involving “genetically engineered organisms.” Six of these accidents involved man-made coronaviruses.

   Among them, Fort Detrick is notorious and is called the “backyard serial killer” by the American people. The biological base was first established in 1943, and its original purpose was to study biological operations in World War II.

To this day, the base is still one of the most cutting-edge toxins and antitoxin research laboratories in the world. The chemical base that year was retained, storing biological agents that may cause smallpox, tuberculosis, etc., as well as snake venom and paralytic shellfish toxins. Organic toxins. These poisons may be used for reference by the CIA.

   There are two things that have been disclosed the most about this experimental base.

   First, in 2001, researchers from the US Army Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick deliberately distributed anthrax bacillus to the US government and the media through letters, causing a total of 5 deaths and 17 illnesses, causing a sensation.

   The second is the laboratory here, which has been inextricably linked with the criminal Japanese invader Unit 731. Shiro Ishii, the head of Unit 731, was a biological weapon consultant here.

In addition, in a 2016 report by the US “Time” magazine, it was disclosed that Fort Detrick was improperly buried by toxic waste, which infiltrated the local stream aquifer and caused pollution, causing cancer deaths among surrounding residents and the destruction of hundreds of families. condition.

   The U.S. Army denied that its waste disposal was related to residents’ cancer. “Time” Weekly published an article under the title “When Our Institutions Can’t Protect Us, This Is What Happened” to expose these inside stories.

   It can be said that the past and present lives of Fort Detrick’s Biological Laboratory are inseparable from the “virulent” nature.

Keep secret of large-scale infections

   Command the intelligence department to investigate, and run counter to science

   In fact, the media has revealed a lot of news that the US military has set up biological laboratories in many places around the world to secretly develop biological weapons. The Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa…Georgia, Ukraine, and other countries in the former Soviet Union all have the “tentacles” of the United States. According to the statistics of the Federation of American Scientists in February 2020, there are currently more than 1,400 similar laboratories in the United States worldwide.

In the month when Fort Detrick was required to close in 2019, a neighboring retirees community in Virginia had an outbreak of unexplained respiratory disease. 54 people developed symptoms and 2 died. Afterward, Wisconsin reportedly For lung diseases caused by e-cigarette smoking, more than 2,800 cases of “lung injury” caused by e-cigarettes have been reported across the United States in the past few months. In September of the same year, a large-scale influenza outbreak occurred in the United States. Within six months, 34 million people were infected and 20,000 died in the United States.

  Is there a connection between several “unknown viruses” and large-scale mass infections marked as “flu viruses”? Are these incidents related to the sudden closure of Fort Detrick? It is precise because of the many misdeeds that the public questioned the situation in Fort Detrick.

  Whether it is to answer questions from the public, the media, and the international community, or for the purpose of scientific research that is beneficial to all mankind, the United States should stand up in time, accept investigations, and clarify the facts.

  In contrast, the U.S. government is secretive about this and even obstructs it arbitrarily.

   US official data show that the country’s first confirmed case of a new crown appeared on January 20, 2020. However, a long-term project study published by the National Institutes of Health in June 2021 confirmed that the new coronavirus has spread in the United States in December 2019. Not only that, a December 2020 report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also pointed out that as early as mid-December 2019, the new coronavirus had been detected in the United States.

   However, the U.S. government requested the termination of related scientific research on the grounds that “it will affect the traceability of the Covid-19 to China and is not good for U.S. national security.”

  More than that, according to Fox News, the U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called on the United States to stop providing all funds to the World Health Organization to put pressure on it, on the grounds that “China and the World Health Organization cannot decide the outcome.”

   Regarding the investigation of the origin of the new crown virus, the Biden administration did not hand it over to the scientists, but arranged it to the intelligence agency on May 26, asking it to “double their efforts” to investigate and submit the report within 90 days, which even aroused criticism for ignoring science.

  If the laws of science are truly followed, how can the United States allow the intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of the new coronavirus? If there is nothing to hide, why doesn’t the United States allow its own biological laboratories to be investigated?

  As the most severely affected country in the world, the United States has the responsibility and obligation to seek the truth with a rigorous attitude, instead of ignoring scientific conclusions and attempting to divert its attention and cover up its own problems. This will only reduce the international credibility of the United States, and make the cloud of suspicion over Fort Detrick accumulate.


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